How Workaholism Affects Those You Love

Aaron Walker
Oct 25, 2016

What are the characteristics of a workaholic? As we finish up our focus on execution, it is important that we take a close look at the dangers associated with focusing on work too much. I want to think specifically about how those we love might be negatively affected when our lives get out of balance. Even God rested when His creative work was done!

According to WebMD, you might be a workaholic if…

  1. You find it difficult to delegate tasks to others. Most workaholics are micro-managers or control freaks.
  2. You often miss important events in the lives of your immediate family members. Most workaholics admit to missing a soccer game or recital because they couldn’t get away from work.
  3. Your work bleeds over into your non-working life. Many workaholics say they look for ways to turn their hobbies into businesses.

Workaholics often experience health-related problems such as depression, stress, anger, stomach aches and headaches. Because they deny their condition, many workaholics become dependent on medication to make it through the day. This can become a vicious downward spiral.

In addition to the personal problems caused by workaholism, the danger to their most important relationships is something to consider. A University of North Carolina at Charlotte study concluded that workaholism harms children and destroys families. Spouses of workaholics say they feel estranged and abandoned. The researchers reported that couples in workaholic homes are 40% more likely to divorce than are couples who have more balanced lives. Most workaholics never deal with the problems until they experience physical symptoms.

I don’t want your family or your health to suffer because your life is out of balance. Take some time to evaluate your life balance to make sure you aren’t sacrificing the most important relationships in your life. You can’t move from success to significance and leave your family behind!

Live on purpose, 

Aaron Walker




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