Why Choose Purposeful Leadership?: The Importance of Mission Statements for the Purpose-Driven Leader

Aaron Walker
Mar 12, 2021
If purpose is the foundation of your business, then a leader is the cornerstone! Without purpose, a leader is like that same driftwood on whitewater rapids - all over the place!

When was the last time you found yourself “lost in a project”?  How do you contribute to the mission of your team?  Are you confused about your company’s goals?

Companies and teams rush to make a dollar, without thinking of how to keep that dollar, or what to do with it once they get it!  They sell vacuum cleaners or accounting services, without writing down the reason why they go out every day.  Companies without a “why” are like driftwood running down white water rapids.

Knowing your "why" is your key to success!  No matter where you find yourself, it's our nature as human beings to want to understand why we exist.

Have you asked yourself:

  • "Should I get married, if I don't know why I want to be married?"
  • "Why am I saving all this money? What's it for?"
  • "People tell me not to be afraid of many things. But why should I not be afraid of them?"

Our purpose is our sense of resolve and determination. Every now and then, we all question our purpose. If we don’t know it, we're in trouble.

If purpose is the foundation of your business, then a leader is the cornerstone!  Without purpose, a leader is like that same driftwood on whitewater rapids - all over the place!

Within his book, Business Made Simple, author Donald Miller teaches professionals the role of a purpose-driven leader:

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A Purpose-Driven Leader

Leaders become great because of mission.  When a leader doubts the mission, they deteriorate and become wasteful of their team and resources. The more you take ownership over your mission, the more people you will attract as followers.  You will attract top-tier talent and command excellent work from your team.

A purpose-driven leader’s job for his or her team:

  1. Tell and retell the story of the organization.
  2. Explain how the team will reach their destination.
  3. Helps people find the role that best suits them.

Everyone wants to be the superhero of their life!  When a leader explains and guides someone to accomplish important tasks, everyone’s “heroism factor” gets a little bigger.

Imagine a leader who coaches you hard to make 20 extra quarterly sales to win the $2000 company sales bonus.  They remind you of why you want it, and how you can use the reward. They help you dream about the recognition and self-confidence you'll feel when you win.


5 Steps To Lead Purposefully

Now maybe you're reading this and thinking, "Big A!  I like what you’re writing, but how do I lead with purpose?  I desperately need these principles in my life, but I don’t know where to begin!”

Those are great questions!  The good news is, it’s simple and straightforward.  It takes consistency and time to master the techniques of being a purpose-driven leader.  But . . . with faith and one step at a time, you can do it too!  Here’s how purpose-driven professionals lead:


1. Create a mission statement

Write a mission statement that is short, engaging, and memorable.  Leaders need structure and specifics for their teams, and most leaders don’t give definitive mission statements.

This is good news!  That means you are ahead of your industry when you write a clear mission statement. Here’s an example I found:


Robert’s Tuxedo Store - Mission Statement:

We bring style to men on their wedding days, by providing the best tuxedos in the Boston area ... because grooms deserve to look “dapper” on such an important occasion!


2. Create a set of characteristics

Leaders need to give teams the roadmap to success. Help your team understand the kind of people they need to become while they carry out the mission. This should be simple, practical, and duplicatable.


Robert’s Tuxedo Store - Set Characteristics

  1. Energetic:  We’re responsible to ensure every man feels excited when choosing their suit for the ‘big day.’
  2. Consistent:  We provide the same, top-tier customer service to everyone who walks through our doors.
  3. Detailed: We check and re-check everything to ensure nothing's out of place when it's time to stand at the altar.


3. Create a list of Critical Actions

Spell out three critical actions every member in your team can take that will contribute to your mission.  These actions are “promises” your audience will always receive from you.


Robert’s Tuxedo Store - Critical Actions

  1. We Smile:  We have an upbeat, charming attitude ... because gentlemen always tip their hats.
  2. We Learn:  We constantly learn how to best custom stitch our suits to each customer’s body type.
  3. We Clean:  We clean and iron our suits once every day.


4. Create A Great Story

Write a story that attracts people to your mission.  Explain in your story what you do that engages people and makes them want to get involved.


Robert’s Tuxedo Store - A Story Pitch

At Robert’s Tuxedo Store we believe many men go “uncared for” through the process of a wedding or party. We believe they want to strike as much awe as their female counterparts!

When men get a tuxedo, they come alive - because "the clothes maketh the man." Women swoon at their sight, and men shake hands with approval.

It’s our job to provide the best suits in Boston, because every man deserves the opportunity to exude charm and charisma.


5. Define Your Theme

Write the theme of your mission so you and your team will know why your work is important.  This ‘water-cooler’ pitch is designed to capture attention, and leave people wanting more.  When you articulate the theme, the story becomes meaningful and clear.


Robert’s Tuxedo Store - Theme

“Sharp-dressed grooms deserve to turn just as many heads.”


When we doubt our “why”, we need people who can keep us focused.  Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

Developing your “why” ... is OUR mission.

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