The Makings Of A Content Professional

Aaron Walker
Aug 27, 2021
There are books to be read; landscapes to be walked; friends to be with; life to be fully lived. This new epidemic of distraction is our civilizations specific weakness. (1)

How often do you look for distractions to keep yourself busy when you experience boredom? How many hours in a week do you spend on subjects that amuse you? Do you often complete goals at the last minute because you focus on distractions?

In today's digital world, we don't go anywhere without our smartphones. Whether it's looking at a grocery list at the supermarket or taking photos on a hike... we're entirely dependent on technology to function in our society.

Microsoft released a survey asking young adults to answer yes or no to the question, "When nothing is occupying your attention, do you reach for your phone immediately?" 77% reported they reach for their phones. That's insane!

Do you remember the last time you ate dinner without your phone at the table? What about going on a vacation without any digital distractions? Since around 2006, it has been rare to see people fully engage in their present circumstances.

In his manifesto for silence in an age of noise, Andrew Sullivan says, "There are books to be read; landscapes to be walked; friends to be with; life to be fully lived. This new epidemic of distraction is our civilization's specific weakness."

Professionals understand that distractions make them deaf to important circumstances around them. Psychologists have found that a goldfish beats our attention span by 1 second! How can we hope to achieve success in our lives if we can’t focus longer than a tiny fish?

Ronald Rolheiser says, "We... are distracting ourselves into spiritual oblivion."?

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Do We Need To Start A Revolution?

Do you think it's possible to see positive change in a society full of distractions? Perhaps learn to thrive right in the middle of this digital age? Absolutely!

Many entrepreneurs see the issues within our culture but frequently don't know what to do. They motivate themselves to try and fix the problem but end up making a mess. In the end, they don't know what went wrong and give up hope.

Professionals understand there are very few unexplored topics in the world today. If you look for a book about time management, you can buy it. What about how to deliver efficient results amidst a stressful life? You can find that subject, too.

You don't need to reinvent the wheel. In mastermind groups, the objective is to duplicate the methods of successful people to accomplish our goals. Why rediscover the process to achieve success when you can learn from people who've gone before you?

3 Steps To Live An Undistracted Lifestyle

In his book, The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry, John Mark Comer formulates a plan of action to cultivate a lifestyle free from the distractions of our society.

1. Make Time For Reflection

People don't make headway in their lives if they solely focus on completing deadlines. They remain in a constant state of hurry without any goals to improve their lives. This behavior produces a survival mindset.

Professionals acknowledge that they need time to ask themselves specific questions.

  • "What's my driving motivation to achieve success?"
  • "Why do I continue to move from task to task in a hurry?"
  • "Who do I know that can help me have a contentment-filled life?"

As your life continues to pack up with responsibilities, it's vital to stay consistent with taking time to reflect on your goals and what motivates you to complete them. These principles produce a confident mindset.

2. Life Isn't Going Anywhere

Every successful professional achieves fantastic results when they understand they surrender to the pressure of due dates.

When you decide to rush yourself in a project, you compromise the quality of your results. If you take shortcuts to reduce your time, money, or energy, it will harm the outcome of your tasks.

The secret of successful entrepreneurs is that they maintain an attitude of "confident silence." They ignore the day's stress and focus on maintaining quiet composure until their project is complete. Through this attitude, professionals achieve rock-solid confidence in the heat of a busy-filled day.

3. Manage Your Tasks One At A Time

Henri Nouwen says, "Without solitude, it's virtually impossible to live a spiritual life..." This quote is right on the money! When we don't set aside time to manage our lifestyle, we lose sight of our goals.

If you want to grow your relationship with your spouse, it's vital to prioritize a block of time for that goal. When you launch a new project, you must organize your resources one at a time to achieve outstanding success. Otherwise, our plans never bear fruitful results.

When we manage our tasks to complete them one after another, we produce great results. Our careers begin to make sense, and we begin to take pride in our work when we achieve success.

As you begin to apply these principles, understand that it takes time to master them in your life. As the old proverb says, "Rome wasn't built in a day." Trial and error are often on the road to success.

Professionals deliberately make time to inspire confidence in every team member to excel in their careers. You'll begin to see project after project producing exceptional results because your team stays cool under pressure. Through understanding, faith, and determination, no challenge will compromise your lifestyle.

As you work through this, you'll need other professionals who can partner with you to produce a confident lifestyle. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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