How To Become A Deliberate Professional

Aaron Walker
Aug 6, 2021
You must slow down and simplify your priorities.

Ever manage a project without making enough time to complete it? How did that affect the rest of your workweek? Did you catch yourself saying, "I wish there were twelve more hours in the day?"

All over the world, business people say they need more time to accomplish their goals. In reality, the solution isn't getting more time. It's an excuse that avoids the real problem.

Any good-willed entrepreneur says they'd fill their extra time up with productive tasks. They'd pick up that additional responsibility or commit to a better work environment for their team. But they're missing the real problem and focusing on the symptoms. The issue isn’t time—it’s hurry.

When you're in a hurry to accomplish your goals, you'll compromise on achieving top-quality results in your personal and professional life. Your mind is always on the next appointment or due date coming around the corner.

How did our society gain this anxiety-driven mindset? What drives us so hard to be Superman in business? Do we carry unrealistic expectations we can never hope to achieve in our lifetime?

Today's culture obsesses over rising above our current circumstances. A small business owner wants to become a Forbes F-500 company. The high school drama actor pursues a career on Broadway! These are worthy goals, but they're not the answer to our hurried life.

The solution to a busy life is not more time. You must slow down and simplify your priorities. Life gives us 24 hours and not one more minute. Professionals recognize that we cannot accomplish every goal in one day.

It’s not the number of years in your life that count, but the amount of life in your years.

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Are We Trying To Play God?

Peter Scazzero says, "We find God's will for our lives in our limitations." Professionals understand they cannot learn something new if they believe they already know everything about a subject. They develop a fixed mindset.

Many people focus on their results and forget successful business owners pay with their blood, sweat, and tears to achieve success. They stuff their days full of tasks, reduce their sleep hours, and neglect to appreciate themselves.

We learn to achieve a growth mindset and begin to understand a healthy way to approach our circumstances through our limits. Professionals recognize they can never be omnipresent or omnipotent, but they can learn to utilize their time to achieve greater success.

3 Steps To Improve Control Over Your Time

In his book, The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry, John Mark Comer lays out a series of steps to gain mastery over your time and produce exceptional results.

1. Recognize Your Potential

Comer says, "The main limitation we all share - regardless of where you start in life or how smart or hard-working or type ‘A’ you are—is time."

Professionals understand that life is about growing through circumstances, just like plants. When the roots of trees cannot grip soil on the surface, the roots dig deeper and expand beyond their limits. The same is true for every human being.

Our limitations are our greatest potentials. As a child, we're born with an excess of time, and society tells us to appreciate it. But when were we taught how to manage our time? Most people learn to arrange their schedules as they pursue their careers.

2. Learn To Say, "No."

As business owners, we have to learn to say "no." Anne Lamott points out "no" is a complete sentence, and it's one we need in our vocabulary. Because when we're native, we say "yes" to the wrong things.

Phillip Zimbardo researched the crisis of masculinity in Western Culture and concluded that the average man spends ten thousand hours playing video games by age 21. That's insane! How many do you think regret spending those hours gaming instead of doing something that'll achieve their goals?

How we invest our time is how we spend our life! It's the building blocks of who we become.

3. Commit To Your Objectives

Henry David Thoreau wrote, "I went into the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived."

In all the hurry, do you fear you'll wake up on your deathbed and realize you missed out on the most critical parts of your life? Your business is generating success, but your marriage faces challenge after challenge? Or you achieve a doctorate but forget to treat others as yourself?

Take time to evaluate what's most important to you, and arrange your time to achieve your goals. Every day is a winning chance, and every hour is an opportunity.

Don't be discouraged when you don't overcome these issues on your first attempts. Through courage, acceptance, and persistence, you'll see a drastic improvement in every aspect of your life.

Professionals dedicate themselves to live purposeful lives that inspire every team member to excel in their tasks. Through a few simple habits, you'll begin to produce fantastic results with every project. When you live a deliberate life, there's no looking back!

As you work through this, you'll need other professionals who can lead you towards purposeful actions that achieve incredible results. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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