Put the Big Rocks First

Aaron Walker
Jun 8, 2017

When you hire a life coach or a business coach, one of the initial pieces of advice they will give you is to put the big rocks first.


I have devoted an entire chapter of my book View From the Top to that topic alone.


When I coach clients one on one, I tell them when they fill their schedule and calendar to be sure to put the big rocks in first.



Put The Big Rock First.png


So, what does that mean?


The big rocks are the things that really matter in life — things like spending time with your family, building strong relationships, treating your body right, and pursuing the things that truly fulfill you when money and time aren’t barriers.


My faith is paramount in my life and without question it’s the first rock placed.


I often ask my coaching clients...


“If there were no limitations financially or geographically, what would you do with your life tomorrow?”


The big rocks first philosophy comes from a story about a teacher who uses a jar to represent  life, and fills it with rocks (or golfballs in some versions) and other smaller objects to explain the importance of values and priorities to his students. There are several versions of this video floating around on the internet, any of which will help you to better understand the big rocks first principle.


If you put the big rocks in first, you can navigate the space between and learn how much more you can fit into your schedule.


If you spend all your time and energy on the small stuff, you won’t have time for the things that really matter. If you focus on the things that really matter, you will find time to deal with the small stuff as it comes along.


But how do you figure out what is most important? What are the big rocks in your life?


If the first thing you thought of was money, think again. I always caution readers against putting money first in View From the Top saying


“Don’t come home with a pocket full of money to a house full of strangers. The office doesn’t have a memory, but each member of your family does. Don’t be financially successful at the expense of your family.”


We all need to figure out where our true passions lie, and what value we can provide to others as part of the legacy we leave behind. Money isn’t forever, but the lasting impact (whether it be positive or negative) you make on those around you is.

Tai Lopez, another influential entrepreneur, shares similar advice in his free videos. Tai says...


“A man who doesn’t take care of his family isn’t a man at all.”


You might also recognize that quote from the movie The Godfather. Even though Vito Corleone may have done some controversial things in the movie, it’s easy to root for his character.


One of the key reasons for this, although it’s not always easy to see at first glance, is that Vito puts his big rocks first. Whether his subsequent priorities were morally sound or not, the big rocks he focused on were providing for and spending time with his family and building strong relationships with close friends. And regardless of any other decisions he made, he always put the big rocks first.


My aim is to help you identify the big rocks in your lives with View From the Top as a manual to guide us in making sure we fill our jar with the right big rocks. I want to make sure that you aren’t spending so much effort and energy making money that you forget to live your lives.


To learn more about the big rocks that are keys to a successful business and a life of significance, and to make sure you are putting the big rocks first in your life, order your copy of View From the Top today.



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