What Makes A Present Professional?

Aaron Walker
Aug 20, 2021
We achieve inner peace when our schedule aligns with our values. (1)


Do you ever deliver poor results because you're rushing through the tasks of a project? What costs did your team pay because of hurrying? Did you have any time left to improve your results?

Everywhere, business people are becoming fed up with our hurry-filled society. Day after day, they jump from one task to another with no rest in sight. How can this behavior be healthy in a success-driven life?

When we don't prioritize our health and time properly, we limit ourselves to what we can accomplish in our projects. Whether it's the stay-at-home mother of four trying to keep everything neat for her family, or a new entrepreneur embarking on their first business, no one wins if we don't take care of ourselves.

Stephen Covey says, "We achieve inner peace when our schedule aligns with our values." This quote hits home! When we appropriate time with what we believe in, we achieve success every time.

Do we need to mark out a schedule for when we sleep, eat, and work? Not necessarily. Many business people choose to run their lives like this with mixed results. Some achieve incredible things, and some flop on their faces.

Professionals understand real success comes from acting on the beliefs inside of themselves. When people don't understand, they attempt to create schedules but forget to nurture their core values. In the end, they rob themselves of genuine success.

To find a community of value-oriented professionals who can help you appropriate your time to achieve fantastic success, visit our website or apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

I'll Be Busy When I'm Dead?

Frequently, people assume they're going to have plenty of time to relax once they're wealthy and successful. The majority of professionals can argue with that logic. Once we jump down the rabbit hole of entrepreneurship, most work begins to consume us. And what happens when we achieve success? We immediately start looking for the next mountain to climb.

How many nights with family are you willing to miss for your success? Will you be there to witness your children walk for the first time? What about taking your boys to the minor league games and praising them for their home runs?

Precious moments with our family will pass us by if we're not careful. As professionals, it's essential to be present in both work and home life, disconnecting from the pressures of our hurry-filled lifestyle. Because our tasks aren't going anywhere, it's vital to take them one step at a time.

Don't feel discouraged if you're in a hurry right now. It happens to the best of us. With an open mind and determination, you can learn to live out your values and achieve tremendous success.

3 Steps To Produce A Present-Driven Life

In his book, The Ruthless Elimination Of Hurry, John Mark Comer illustrates a series of steps to live out a present-driven life to accomplish every goal.

1. Commit To Your Best Self

Vince Lombardi writes, "The quality of a person's life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor."

When we don't commit ourselves to a set of values, we produce inconsistent results and quickly lose interest in our vision. Our beliefs are at the core of everything we do! If we prioritize our actions using our values as the guide, every part of our lives begins to make sense.

Take time to evaluate what matters to you and what you want to accomplish in your life. Whether your success is to stay present for every family moment or achieve a Forbes 500 company, your success is a guarantee when you align yourself with your core beliefs.

2. Make Time For Your Needs

Believe it or not, professionals are not in a rush to accomplish their goals. They operate in their lives by the beat of their own drum. This rhythm ignores the hurries of today and respects the goals they set in their lives.

When you give yourself room in your schedule, you allow yourself to achieve more in your day. You begin to prioritize your mission instead of trying to manage life's demands. No longer does life affect you, but you impact life!

As you apply this, take time to rejuvenate and ask yourself, "How do I appropriate my time to accomplish my goals and respect my health?"

3. Stay Close With Your Community

Idowu Koyenikan says, "He who masters the power formed by a group of people working together has within his grasp one of the greatest powers known to man."

Every successful business person achieves success around like-minded individuals. When we make time to attend family gatherings and festive events, we achieve greater fulfillment and remember why we're working hard to produce success.

In all the hurry, make time to appreciate and enjoy the relationships around you. It's a challenge to remember we're not machines but human beings in need of genuine connection. Remember to take time in your schedule to stay connected with your community.

As you commit to these steps, you'll begin to see a drastic improvement in your life. You'll live a fulfilling life, and your team will appreciate how present you are in every project.

As a value-driven professional, your energy will become contagious and influence your team to develop their best selves. Through authentic commitment, you'll begin to multiply the results of every project. When you commit to yourself, the sky is the limit!

As you work through this, you'll need other professionals who can support you to produce an authentic lifestyle. Reach out to us at our website and apply to join one of our mastermind groups online.

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