How to excel in every area of my life

Aaron Walker
Jun 20, 2018

I've been an Eagle now for two decades! 20 years I've been meeting with my Mastermind group with Dan Miller. What an unbelievable experience it's been. And I want to ask you today. How are you excelling in life? What are you doing? What are the people that you're around that help you?

I want to encourage some of you today. Listen to me. You're not going to like this.

You need to get rid of some of the friends that you've got. These guys are not helping you. They're not taking you to heights that you want to go. If you want to soar with the Eagles, you can't run around with the turkeys! You have got to get around people that absolutely take you to the places that you want to go.

Begin Your Climb!

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