Today I Will Choose To Be Happy

Aaron Walker
Mar 9, 2015


What a great day it is!!! I look outside at the blowing wind and the pouring rain and think without it everything would be withered and dry. Is it ruining my day? Absolutely not. We can't have mountain tops without the valleys. We can't have beautiful flowers without the rain. We can't be thankful for the good times without the challenges. 

As I write this we are about to cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. There was a small glitch with the paper work in our room and we were standing at the main office sorting it out. A gentleman in front of us apparently was experiencing what seemed to be "a problem of epic proportions". After being very argumentative and obviously distraught, he turned to walk away. As he passed by he looked at me and said "well, I guess it's all downhill from here".

Are you serious? We have not even left the port yet. A negative mind will NEVER give you a positive life. What about you? Do you allow the small, insignificant, trivial and minuscule mishaps of life to impede progress? We can elect to let distractions steal our joy or we can allow this to be an opportunity to create a new and exciting journey. 

What about you? How will you choose?

Live on purpose,




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