Opportunities Over Security and How to Lose 400k

Big A and Wally
Jan 10, 2023

Welcome to the View from the Top podcast! In this episode, we are joined by Wil Ingram as he talks about his entrepreneurial journey with his brother in real estate and their ambitious goal of having 3500 properties by 2030. He explains how they got started, their challenges, and their strategies for success. They also discuss their current investments and vision for the next five to ten years. Finally, they shared their advice on balancing work and personal life and the importance of having an abundance mindset.

In this episode, you will learning the following:

With hard work, dedication, and a bit of planning, you can succeed in achieving your goals.

  • Get educated in real estate investing and understand the market you are operating in.
  • It's an ambitious and admirable goal and it shows how dedicated you are to creating something that will have a lasting impact.

About Wil:

Wil is a Christian, Husband, and father of 3. He enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, and discussing business. Wil and his brother Ryan build community by restoring single-family homes in Dayton, OH. They have built a portfolio of 360 homes over the past 5 years and have 4 employees.


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