THE FORGE: He Can't Take a Risk Because He Doesn't Know What He Wants

Big A and Wally
Dec 26, 2023

"You're really good at dreaming, but you're not good at dreaming for YOURSELF." Mystery Entrepreneur, Eric, takes the heat with Big A, Wally, and fellow businessman Anthony Witt on today's episode of THE FORGE.

Does Eric want to scale with a cash flow of 15% or optimize cash flow at a 50% net profit? What does he REALLY want? The guys dig their heels in to get him to answer the question about what he truly wants for the future of his business and his future with his wife and kids. Eric's so averse to risk, it's risky to even know for sure what to do! Listen in as they guide him to make the best decisions for his business... grow to SELL or grow to SAVE?

Ever reached a point where your business growth hits a wall, and you're left questioning your next move? Let's dive in.

Key Takeaways:

  • "If you're growing, you're dying"??
  • Define what you want or forever stay where you are
  • How to make decisions as a risk-averse entrepreneur
  • Grow to SELL or grow to SAVE?

We'll peel back the layers on navigating the complexities of expanding your business, managing cash flow, and how it's risky to NOT know what you want. This conversation is a treasure trove for entrepreneurs seeking to carve out success without compromising on life's joys.

Want to connect with the guys on today's episode?

Connect with Anthony Witt: or
Anthony Witt is a professional licensed counselor and a business owner with a deep understanding of how entrepreneurship impacts personal health and those around them. Having bought, sold, and started multiple businesses, he has gained valuable
experience at the intersection of personal health and business. His belief that "a healthy business owner creates a healthy business" underscores his approach to helping entrepreneurs thrive.

Connect with Bret Barnhart:
Bret’s Calendar Link
Bret’s Linkedin
Bret Barnhart, Jr. is the fourth generation in his family to start his own excavation company. He began Bret Barnhart Excavating (BBE) in 2002 with $1,500, a single backhoe and truck, and a trailer. Since then, BBE has grown to an entire fleet of heavy machinery and trucks, averages just under 20 employees, and grosses $4mil annually. Bret started out with the family business knowledge and expanded it. In the beginning, his work mainly consisted of general earthwork, utility installation, and excavating pools and storm shelters. As his company grew, Bret saw the need for being more specialized and began pursuing certifications for government contracts and local municipal work. Being specialized, along with having a personal mentor and joining a mastermind, has helped shape not only Bret's company but also himself as well. Bret and his wife Crystal have been married for 16 years and have two children, Cole and Adelyn.

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