How to Achieve Freedom Using Your Own 10X Vision

Big A and Wally
Oct 10, 2023

"You don’t need to 10X to be happy, but it creates more opportunities for freedom and wealth." Freedom equals wealth, but it's more than just financial wealth we're talking about on today's episode. Are you looking to revolutionize your personal and business life by 10Xing your life?

By adopting a 10X mindset, you can do just that. Curt and Wally deep-dive into the compelling book, "10X is Easier than 2X," sharing insights on how to apply the 10X mindset in every area of life. The journey towards a self-managed business is not without its challenges, but with the right strategy, building a company with a 'who' not 'how' approach can drastically change the outcome of your freedom.

Key Takeaways:

  • The #1 way to keep a proper perspective of your successes
  • How control can ruin your chances of 10Xing your business
  • What is your 10X vision? If you don't have one, why not?
  • What is your unique ability?

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Connect with Curt Stowers:
Curt's LinkedIn:
Curt Stowers and his wife Sonya reside in Naperville, IL.  They are the proud parents of three (Amanda, Alexander, Casey).

From 1993 to 2012 Curt was employed with Caterpillar. During that time he worked in inventory management, project management, commercial management, operations management, purchasing and business development. Curt and Sonya have had the chance to live in Peoria, Chicago, Denver and twice overseas, first in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and more recently in Brussels, Belgium.

Curt has always been fascinated with finances and around 2010 began exploring the possibility of offering a financial planning services company that would help families achieve their goals. In mid-2011, he took steps to turn the dream into reality.  In 2013 Curt transitioned to working as a financial planner full time.  He is the founder and owner of F5 Financial Planning, a fee-only RIA firm that provides comprehensive financial planning to over 100 families and provides investment management for over $100M in assets.

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