Navigating Conflict at Work and Home: How to Avoid It, Resolve It, and Use It Well

Big A and Wally
Apr 25, 2023

"As leaders it’s so easy to try to want to smooth everything over, make everybody happy. But there is a point in leadership where conflict is required. You can’t grow without it.” Join Big A and Wally as they discuss the source of where conflict comes from and how to avoid it when possible. None of us like it, few of us handle it well, but oftentimes it's inevitable in your business and in your home.

So what does it take to avoid it when possible, resolve it peacefully, and use it well when we can?

Key Takeaways:

  • How to avoid conflict when you can–and what it has to do with selfishness.
  • How to have a conversation with a team member that is causing conflict and checking your own motivation for what you say.
  • Where you WANT to have conflict in your business and how to use it well to motivate your team.

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