THE FORGE: Can This Lawyer Convert His High Paying Job into a Scalable Business?

Big A and Wally
Mar 26, 2024

"While I have loved the creative part of what I do professionally, it has not created the freedom that I desire [with] my time." David sets off a transformation that many dream of but few dare to pursue–can he really convert his high paying job to a business? Is this the best way forward for him and his family?

Many entrepreneurs wonder the same thing. We're peeling back the layers of such a transformative journey, examining the intersection of faith, ambition, and freedom in putting Christ first in business and relationships.  Our hosts share the tools they've used to keep the spark alive, offering insights and inspiration for nurturing the most precious relationships in our lives.

Key Takeaways:

  • What is your definition of "freedom"?
  • How having a healthy marriage plays a huge role in having the best career
  • The best way to transition from high paying job to business

David is in the midst of counseling and working on growing his relationship with his wife, while billing clients hourly for his law expertise. How do you automate your own mind?

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Anthony Witt is a professional licensed counselor and a business owner with a deep understanding of how entrepreneurship impacts personal health and those around them. Having bought, sold, and started multiple businesses, he has gained valuable
experience at the intersection of personal health and business. His belief that "a healthy business owner creates a healthy business" underscores his approach to helping entrepreneurs thrive.

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Bret’s Calendar Link:’s LinkedinBret Barnhart, Jr. is the fourth generation in his family to start his own excavation company. He began Bret Barnhart Excavating (BBE) in 2002 with $1,500, a single backhoe and truck, and a trailer. Since then, BBE has grown to an entire fleet of heavy machinery and trucks, averages just under 20 employees, and grosses $4mil annually.

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