First Steps to Marketing Your Business and the Impact of Sports

Big A and Wally
Feb 14, 2023

Join us on the View from the Top podcast as we interview Zach Lush, recently married, and member of the "Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Brothers" organization. Hear about Zach's journey to building close relationships and the importance of vulnerability. Discover marketing insights from Zach as he explains how to create a clear and compelling message for your business. Learn the best marketing strategies, including focusing on one channel and finding your unique positioning in the market. Stay tuned as Zach shares a new venture he's excited about - the mystery project called Dojo. 

3 Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is not just about driving businesses but also building relationships by understanding their needs, struggles, desires, goals, and dreams.
  • A core message must be relevant, simple, and easy to understand to be effective in the current market. The marketing strategy should not just focus on customer acquisition but also on nurturing clients and tracking their success, which can lead to brand advocates and referral business.
  • Buy into your client’s success. Don’t just treat them as a transaction.


Zach Lush is a former professional baseball player turned entrepreneur. Over the years, Zach has launched and grown successful businesses including a gym that was the first of its kind that he ran for 12 years. Zach has spent the past 9 years helping small business owners dial in their marketing and sales operations (RevOps).

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