The Cancer of Low Self Esteem and How It Cost Wally Millions

Big A and Wally
Apr 4, 2023

"When you are assertive, there's gonna be conflict. And you can't have influence where there is no conflict." Join Big A and Wally as they discuss the harsh reality of low self esteem in their own lives and how it bleeds into our business pursuits and family life. Hold onto your hats as Wally tells a story of how he lost the potential to have millions in his bank account (ouch) and listen in as Big A gets vulnerable and confesses how low self esteem has affected his life and what he did to change his behavior and attitude. You cannot keep low self esteem from becoming cancerous–bleeding into everything you do–so get ready to take the scalpel and dig deep in this one!

3 Key Takeaways:

  • How to rid yourself of negative thinking and why it matters.
  • Indicators of whether or not you have low self esteem (side note: it might not be as obvious as you think)
  • Actionable steps for you to increase your self esteem and build the confidence it takes to sell your products and services

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