Powerful Lessons on Risk and Contentment From a Semi-Retired Successful Poker Player

Big A and Wally
Mar 7, 2023

Get ready to shift your mindset and learn from the best on this episode of the View from the Top podcast! Join Big A, Wally, and guest Ethan Foulkes, a former professional poker player turned technology entrepreneur. Ethan shares insights on chasing the right goals, transitioning from individual success to working with others, and motivating people to take action. The conversation also touches on the importance of defining goals and working towards them at a reasonable pace, and how to develop a vision and practice it consistently. Don't forget to download the "What Do I Want" worksheet from their website and follow Ethan on LinkedIn to learn more about his company, Magic Button Labs. Get inspired to achieve your dreams and reach for the top!

3 Key Takeaways

  • Ethan discusses the idea of whether we are chasing the right thing and if enough is enough and Ethan's "What do I want?" worksheet helps people to think about their wants and needs in life and make better decisions.
  • Ethan believes in investing upfront to build a scalable delivery model that resonates with clients. By investing in the future, Ethan believes the present will be bigger than yesterday's future, allowing him to keep investing in the future.
  • Ethan believes in defining "enough" and taking the dollars out of his mind.

About Ethan

Ethan Foulkes has had the incredible opportunity to work closely with experts across all functional areas of business. The learning gained from collaborating with all of them has been invaluable, and he is now focused on packaging those learnings so they can be quickly delivered to growing companies in need of them.

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