How to Overcome the Lonely Life of Building a Business By Yourself

Big A and Wally
Jul 4, 2023

“When you’re alone, the gravity, the weightiness, the consequence of the choices that you make... they usually go really deep.” Every entrepreneur feels lonely at times in his business. There are unique challenges that are exclusive to building your own business and seeking success when everything is riding on you.

Today Big A and Wally get personal about the experiences they've had feeling isolated and alone in their business success and failures. Big A drops some amazing truth bombs about isolation that are based off his own story and the stories of hundreds of men that he's heard time and time again. Wally shares about a man who couldn't get out of his own way enough to change his circumstances... sound like anybody you know?

Key Takeaways:

  • What makes entrepreneurs feel so alone while building their businesses
  • The damage your ego can have on building a significant life
  • What causes feelings of aloneness and how to minimize them for good

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