Breaking Down Addiction From Use to Abuse

Big A and Wally
Apr 11, 2023

"I remember feeling like... if I can give myself some kind of reward, this will remove me from the pain that I feel." What is addiction and how do we spot it before we've destroyed everything we live for? Work, porn, sex, alcohol... anything can become an addiction if you let it.

In today's episode, join Big A and Wally as they interview Certified Professional Recovery Coach, David Hampton, on his journey of deep anxiety that lead to 5 years of alcoholism and ultimately almost cost him his whole family.

Key Takeaways:

  • David Hampton's decline into alcoholism and what lead his wife to say, "Just don't divorce me, I need your insurance."
  • What are the levels on the spectrum of addiction?
  • When use becomes abuse
  • What leads to a victim mindset and why that is a dangerous road to take
  • Prompting questions to ask yourself to discover if you have an addiction

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