How to Give Unsolicited Advice That Sticks

Big A and Wally
Jan 16, 2024

"If we never give unsolicited advice, how do they know?" Ever found yourself biting your tongue to avoid giving that piece of unsolicited advice? No one is a stranger to those moments. So do you be brutally honest, or keep quiet to keep the peace?

In our vibrant exchange, we divulge personal accounts of giving advice to our peers and our children and grandchildren. Have you wondered whether it was wise to keep silent or to say something? What about when you're a member in a church and you don't agree with something they've done?

Key Takeaways

  • Personal preferences vs. real problems
  • How to make unsolicited advice... solicited.
  • When a friend does something they shouldn't do–in your opinion

It's a conversation filled with personal insights, as we tackle the complicated tango of supporting loved ones without overstepping boundaries.

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