Don't Let Your Income Happen To You–Engineer It

Big A and Wally
Apr 2, 2024

"We have tremendous opportunity in the marketplace, but only if we can stay there." How do you manage your margins instead of waiting until the end of the year to go, "Oh, great, we did pretty good!" Income should never be a surprise, margins should always be watched carefully. But HOW do we do this?

Unlock the secrets to transforming your business's bottom line with Frank Abelson, a teacher of intentional profit engineering with over two decades of leading his own IT business. Frank takes center stage to share:

  • How to maintain margin
  • What the benefits of margin are besides just $$$
  • Cultivate a fertile ground for ministry in the marketplace
  • V= B / C
  • A unique way to look at your sales funnel to get maximum margin

He'll dive into the talents of your employees and team members, wallet share, and other pieces of the puzzle for you and your business to grow its margin.

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