When a Man Feels Hopeless: The Basement Fiasco, Utter Desperation, and the Only Way Out

Big A and Wally
Nov 21, 2023

"God speaks to us in a small, still voice. And when we’re constantly busy… we don’t hear it. It’s not that he’s not talking, it’s just that we’re not listening. We’re too busy.”

Have you ever felt like there was no way out of how you feel–utterly hopeless and desperate for change? You're not alone. We share are own deeply personal stories and valuable lessons learned from our own experiences to help encourage you as your run the race of life.

How can we keep our heads when we feel our backs are pressed up against the wall? In this week's segment, we untangle the messy web of relationships, finances, and the struggle of redefining roles to create new avenues of change. We unpack the importance of clear communication, setting boundaries with ourselves, and the invaluable role that trusted advisors play in finding true hope.

Key Takeaways:

  • When Wally found himself laying on the basement floor
  • The day Big A was so desperate, death seemed the only answer
  • Ways you can work yourself out of hopelessness
  • The power of prayer, scripture, and how to use solitude effectively

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