Walker's Story: A Tragic Tale of Teenage 'Sextortion' and What Dads Need to Know with Brian Montgomery

Big A and Wally
Oct 17, 2023

"Everything was fine, everything was going the right direction, and then it wasn’t… This phone gives [your kids] access to people that want to hurt [them]. And you’ve got to protect them.”  Brian Montgomery, an ordinary dad, unveils the terror his family faced when their son Walker was targeted by an online predator and committed suicide that very night.

He shares how this tragedy brought to light the grim reality of the digital world's hidden dangers and the alarming surge in teen suicide rates.  The digital age has opened the door to unthinkable threats, particularly for our children. We chat with Brian about the insidious role of technology, pornography, and online extortion in the mental health of our kids.

Key Takeaways:

  • Viable steps dads can make today to protect their kids online
  • Warnings about the media that you probably don't know
  • How a normal child in a safe home can become a victim of sextortion

We also touch on the proposed Kids Online Safety Act and how you can lend your support to it. Brian offers his insights on the significance of active listening and creating a safe space for children to express their emotions. Together, let's foster a safer digital environment for our kids because this isn't just about us. It's for every parent, guardian, and child who might be listening.

The Kids Online Safety Act

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