I'm Making Money, Now What?

Big A and Wally
Nov 14, 2023

"If you spend more money than you generate, you’ve actually shrunk your margin, or maybe even inverted it to where you’re running at a loss. And you can’t make up losses in volume.” We, along with our special co-host, financial whizz David Littlejohn, pave your path to financial wisdom by unraveling the mysteries of profit communication, budgeting tools, and the ins and outs of effective financial management.

You're finally making a healthy profit in your business, but what are you supposed to do now? Today we dive into the consequences of reactive mode, how to be proactive with your finances, and valuable insights into what to do with the money you've made.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to set yourself for self-replacement in the future
  • Profit first... then what?
  • What happens if a business partner has to leave?
  • The balance between transparency and wisdom in sharing your business' financial status with team members and your spouse

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