How to Invest in Your Kids to Make Them Capable Adults

Big A and Wally
Aug 15, 2023

“There is a fine line between support and interference.” Parenting kids as they grow into adults is one of the hardest things you'll do as a father. There's some sense of control when they're little, but what do you do when they're out of your house? How do you truly invest in your kids when they're young so you don't lose sight of them when they're older?

Big A and Wally address these questions and plenty more on today's episode. They expose their own parenting mistakes to help you uncover some blind spots you may have with your own kids. They've expected too much from their kids, given their grandkids too much money, and had the worst time trying to figure out what's too far and what's just enough in supporting their adult children.

Hear how you can make better decisions as a dad and lean on the wisdom of men who have gone before you.

Key Takeaways:

  • What to do when we don't have the same values as our adult kids
  • Drawing the line in the sand when it comes to finances and support
  • Stop living your life vicariously through your kids
  • How to recognize when you've set the wrong expectations for them

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