Why Talking With Your Kids Honestly Will Revolutionize Your Home and Build Trust

Big A and Wally
Dec 5, 2023

"It's never too late to rebuild trust." Imagine a home where genuine trust and open communication are the foundations of every relationship. That's what we aimed for with our families, and in this enlightening episode, we share our personal stories, triumphs, and stumbles on this journey.

We take you through the complex process of fostering trust with our children and spouses, and navigating the tricky waters when that trust has been broken. We can't stress enough the significance of open communication on children's development and family dynamics.

Key Takeaways:

  • How Big A and Wally both broke trust with their kids
  • What it looks like to have open communication with your children
  • How do you let your kids be themselves?
  • Practical ways to foster trust between you and your kids

Drawing from our personal experiences, we share how allowing our children to be part of these conversations encourages them to express their feelings freely, fostering a conducive space for them to grow and learn.

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