THE FORGE: 4 Seasoned Entrepreneurs Grill Business Owner with No Cash Flow

Big A and Wally
Oct 24, 2023

4 seasoned entrepreneurs advise a struggling business owner with no cash flow and no plan. No matter that his company is profitable, there’s something much deeper going on behind the scenes.

This is the first ever episode of THE FORGE, where four business guys help a struggling entrepreneur with the issues he's facing in his business and personal life right now. He desires to spend more time with his wife and kids, but he's confused on exactly how to get there. Join us as we hit topics like shame masking itself as pride, having boundaries in your business, and what it looks like to be stuck in a job you hate.

Key Takeaways:

  • What this mystery business man should do with no cash flow and no plan
  • Labeling problems for what they truly are and why it matters
  • When thoughts like “maybe I don’t have what it takes” creep up on us
  • What to do when you not only hate your job, but you're not good at it, either

What do you think is Chip's REAL problem? Did these guys get to the heart of the matter about what Chip should do next, or is there something they were missing? Answer this question by posting your own response at

Want to connect with the guys on today's episode?

Connect with Anthony Witt: or
Anthony Witt is a professional licensed counselor and a business owner with a deep understanding of how entrepreneurship impacts personal health and those around them. Having bought, sold, and started multiple businesses, he has gained valuable
experience at the intersection of personal health and business. His belief that "a healthy business owner creates a healthy business" underscores his approach to helping entrepreneurs thrive.

Connect with Bret Barnhart:
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Bret Barnhart, Jr. is the fourth generation in his family to start his own excavation company. He began Bret Barnhart Excavating (BBE) in 2002 with $1,500, a single backhoe and truck, and a trailer. Since then, BBE has grown to an entire fleet of heavy machinery and trucks, averages just under 20 employees, and grosses $4mil annually. Bret started out with the family business knowledge and expanded it. In the beginning, his work mainly consisted of general earthwork, utility installation, and excavating pools and storm shelters. As his company grew, Bret saw the need for being more specialized and began pursuing certifications for government contracts and local municipal work. Being specialized, along with having a personal mentor and joining a mastermind, has helped shape not only Bret's company but also himself as well. Bret and his wife Crystal have been married for 16 years and have two children, Cole and Adelyn.

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