Achieve The Elusive Work-Life Balance & Break the Mold of What Everyone Else is Doing

Big A and Wally
Jun 6, 2023

“I have to actually spend time getting to know the person–the wounds as well as the superpowers… so that I can become more connected. Because ultimately, that’s what I want… what we really want is connection.”

Big A and Wally interview Anthony Witt, licensed counselor and business owner, about how to design the elusive work-life balance in your own life. Entrepreneurs live hard lifestyles, and Witt dives deep into what it takes to have a healthy marriage and healthy children while running a business.

Ranging from the most inevitable stressors in relationships to what it looks like to take risks in your business with a hesitant spouse, this episode hits a wide scope of issues that business owners face daily. What does it look like to make it work?

Key Takeaways:

  • The large scope of issues that may be hindering your marriage as an entrepreneur
  • Where is our safe space and how can we recognize it?
  • How to live the life we want to live using our innate creativity

About Anthony Witt:
Anthony Witt is a professional licensed counselor and a business owner with a deep understanding of how entrepreneurship impacts personal health and those around them. Having bought, sold, and started multiple businesses, he has gained valuable
experience at the intersection of personal health and business. His belief that "a healthy business owner creates a healthy business" underscores his approach to helping entrepreneurs thrive.

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