How to Say What You Really Mean in Business and Marriage

Big A and Wally
Aug 8, 2023

“If you’re not doing anything to actively listen to the people that report to you, you are not maximizing your opportunity in your business. AT ALL. Like, you are missing it.”

Whether in your friendships, your company, your marriage–everyone communicates. Do you communicate well? That's the real question. It's easy to talk, hard to listen, and even harder to share true things about ourselves as men. Today we dive deep into verbal and nonverbal cues and ways to say what we're really thinking.

Big A tells us about how he and his wife have learned to communicate over the years, and he even shares about the times he's made big mistakes. He hopes that through his own story you'll learn a thing or two about active listening not only in your marriage, but your business as well.

Key Takeaways:

  • Big A's beef with Wally's poignant questions
  • What one-on-one's with team members should look like
  • Nonverbal cues we miss that can make a huge difference
  • Why it's hard to say what we actually feel as men

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