The Journey Out of Isolation and the Power of Vulnerability with Aaron 'Big A' Walker

Big A and Wally
Aug 29, 2023

"As foolish as I was, I did have a measure of success, but I wonder how much differently it could have been with the proper guidance." If you've felt alone in your business, ever wondered why you can't open up to anybody about your personal life, or if you've had marital issues that just won't go away, this episode is for you.

Big A tells his journey from mediocre success to living a life of true significance in today's podcast. He opens up about his own faults and how amazed he was to find guys who do life together–they don't just sit around talking about last week's game.

We deep dive into the true depth of having a community of guys who KNOW who you are and can tell you straight up when you're making a mistake, and we discuss the value of encompassing the whole man in a mastermind group, not just how to scale your business.

  • The accident with a pedestrian that changed Big A's life forever
  • What the power of vulnerability can accomplish for you and your family
  • Our unique goal-setting strategy "Come As You Will Be" and why it works
  • How community can make you a better man, husband, and father

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