Is a Sexless Marriage Really a Marriage?

Big A and Wally
Sep 19, 2023

"You're always telling yourself it's gonna get better, it's gonna work out. When the kids get a little older... when the kids get out of college, when we're empty nesters... It's not gonna change without some dialogue." Today's episode is rooted in Big A and Wally's personal narratives of selfish mistakes in their own marriages and  ways they overcame those difficulties with their spouses.

Our discussion deep-dives into the significance of sex in a marriage and the role of mentors and trusted advisors as guiding lights. We address the critical question: What does a sexless marriage look like and why is sex critical for both partners? As we navigate this fragile terrain, we highlight the key role of open and cordial communication and its impact on intimacy.

In the end, we equip you with strategies for fostering and improving intimacy in a marriage. We look at how a distraction-free bedroom sanctuary can nurture emotional and physical intimacy, and discuss overcoming habits like mindless scrolling that can impact relationships adversely. So, get comfortable, lean in, and journey with us through this intimate exploration of marriage, intimacy, and communication.

Key Takeaways:

  • What it means to be selfish in sexual intimacy
  • Does education play a role in your marriage?
  • Wally's story of his selfishness in marriage
  • Why sex is important and what to do about if if your wife snubs her nose at all this

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