Are You Amassing Wealth for More Than Your Ego?

Big A and Wally
Sep 5, 2023

How can small business owners distinguish between providing for their families versus amassing wealth for their own insecurities and ego? Quentin Hafner, therapist and coach who's in the business of changing lives, asks this question for today's episode.

What draws the line, and where does love end and pride begin? Big A and Wally attempt to define what wealth means and what kind of wealth men of character should strive for in their businesses.

When does enough become enough? They discuss whether or not amassing wealth is wrong and the key to knowing whether what we're doing is right or not. Behind all of the excuses for building wealth, we must take a hard look at ourselves. Why do we do what we do?

Key Takeaways:

  • Is amassing wealth wrong?
  • Defining the difference between need and want
  • Guardrails we should put in place to protect our motivations
  • How do we identify our motivations for working?

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