Overcoming Self-Doubt and the False Security of a W2 Job and Becoming an Entrepreneur

Big A and Wally
Mar 14, 2023

Shane Sams, co-founder and CEO of Flipped Lifestyle join Big A and Wally on this episode of View from the Top podcast as they dive into the world of entrepreneurship. From balancing work and family to overcoming limiting beliefs, Shane shares his journey of starting an online business that allowed him to support his family while maintaining freedom. The conversation covers topics such as the benefits of online business, the importance of mindset, and strategies for researching profitable ideas.

3 Key Takeaways

  • Make your stories unique, rich, and genuine. It will attract more customers and build a community around the products and services offered.
  • Online business provides a sense of security and stability as one can create a floor in their income. Even if some customers leave, there will still be a base income to fall back on.
  • Identify a problem a customer has, solve it, and repeat the process again and again.


Shane Sams is the CEO and Co-Founder of Flipped Lifestyle, an online membership business he built with his wife, Jocelyn. Together, they have created a successful business that generates significant profits with minimal weekly work hours. They now share their expertise and help other families and entrepreneurs build and grow their successful online memberships.

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