The Successful Business Partnership: How to Find It, Create It, and Keep It

Big A and Wally
Aug 1, 2023

“50% of my stress comes from having a partner.” When in business, adding another voice into the mix always comes with its pros and cons. Even when you pick the right business partner, things happen and life is hard. So how do you know which partner you'll want on your side? How do you navigate the difficulties you're having with your partner right now?

Wally and Big A discuss both their positive stories and also down-right terrible experiences with ex-business partners on this episode today. Between receiving an unforeseen, generous income and saying no to 2.7 million dollars so as not to screw over a terrible partner, these men get real about the difficulties and blessings of being in business with someone else.

This episode isn't just about the pitfalls though, it’s about practical strategies for success when you decide to bring on a partner.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to choose a business partner that you won't regret
  • The ramifications of splitting the business 50/50
  • Mitigating the "what-ifs" and the importance of an operating agreement
  • How to pay your partner in a business agreement

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