The Right Way to Budget Personal Development for Maximum Profit

Big A and Wally
Oct 3, 2023

“If your spouse perceives the dollars that you spend on personal and professional development as an expense rather than an investment, how do you help them understand the difference and the value of investing in personal and professional development?" Steve Kinsley, Chief of Staff for Navitas Wealth Advisors, posed this question to us.

It's all about perception. How does your wife perceive the budget for your business and the budget for the household? We discuss why it's important to distinguish between the two, and because it's all coming from the business, and we disagree on whether or not it should be seen as the same "lump sum."

Key Takeaways:

  • Does it matter that we distinguish between our business budget vs. household budget when all the money comes from the same place?
  • What's the difference between an investment in ourselves vs. "just an expense"?
  • How can you change your mindset from "spending time" instead of investing time?

Lastly, we tackle the profound significance of investing in ourselves.  We’ll also discuss how cultivating relationships and developing self-awareness can be the key to leading an extraordinary life.

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