Is Being Risk Averse Costing You a Fortune?

Big A and Wally
Jan 2, 2024

"Where there is no risk, there is no great gain." Ready to kick your growth into overdrive and embrace the power of calculated risks? Join us, Wally Wallenbeck and Big A, as we usher in 2024 with a potent blend of stories, strategies, and lessons to fuel your personal and professional evolution.

Say goodbye to the typical New Year's resolutions and hello to a vision-driven life that doesn't just happen by chance, but is built by design. It's not just about age or stage; it's about making progress that matters, and we're here to show you how with some calculated risk.

Big A'll take you back to his audacious real estate auction days and how a calculated gamble became a triumph, while Wally shares a candid tale of overpromising in a job interview that led to a career-defining moment.

Key Takeaways:

  • No risk = no great gain
  • Big A and Wally share their tales of risky business
  • What if you're risk averse because of the economic downturn?
  • Why ignoring your weaknesses could be a HUGE risk

This episode isn't just about taking risks; it's about how to arm yourself with the right tools, like SWOT analysis, to turn potential pitfalls into stepping stones for success.

Connection, engagement, and strategic focus can elevate your year from good to extraordinary. Join us on this journey to the peak of potential – your view from the top awaits.

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